While many women automatically assume that {carrying a child and severe pain in the lower back|pregnancy and back pain|back pain and pregnancy} go hand in hand, they are often {pleasantly surprised|surprised} when they {learn|discover} that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, {chiropractic|chiropractic adjustments|chiropractic care} can often help {alleviate|relieve|reduce} back pain for pregnant women by as much as {85 percent|85%}.

{In our busy #City# chiropractic office, it isn't uncommon for pregnant women to reach out to #Name# for help relieving their back pain.|#Name# has helped many pregnant women with back pain in our #City# office.|We've worked with many pregnant women suffering from back pain in our #City# office.}

{One piece of research published|A research study published} in Chiropractic & Manual Therapies involved 115 women who were pregnant (most of which were in their third trimester) and {presented with|reported} pain in their {lower back region|low back}, pelvic area, or both. Data was gathered prior to the study, as well as one week, one month, three months, and one year after treatment commenced. At each {subsequent point in time|follow-up}, the participants were asked to rate their level of pain based on a 7-point scale to determine whether it was better, worse, or stayed the same. The results?

{More than half|52%} reported that their pain was better after one week of chiropractic treatment. After one month, that amount jumped up to 70 percent, climbing even more to 85 percent showing improvement at the three month mark. {Positive effects were|Improvement was} still reported at six months post-treatment, which was generally after {delivery|childbirth}, and continued to the final data collection one year after treatment commenced.

There are also many additional {benefits|advantages} of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Not only does it {effectively|efficiently} {ease|relieve} back pain, but it does it in a completely natural and non-invasive way. This means that you don't have to worry about taking any {medications|drugs} or undergoing any type of treatment that could potentially harm your unborn child.

{Additionally|Furthermore}, it makes your time spent carrying your {child|baby} more pleasant. When you're not {sidetracked|distracted} with {pain|aches and pains}, you can enjoy the experience even more as you prepare your home and your life for all of the fun and exciting changes that lie ahead.

{We're here in #City# to help you have a healthy, pain-free pregnancy.|You don't have to suffer from back pain during pregnancy. We're here in #City# to help with natural chiropractic care.} Give us a call today at #Phone# to make an appointment.

Peterson CK, Muhlemann D, & Humphreys BK. Outcomes of pregnant patients with low back pain undergoing chiropractic treatment: a prospective cohort study with short term, medium term and 1 year follow-up. Chiropractic & Manual Therapies 2014;22(15):doi:10.1186/2045-709X-22-15.