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Chesapeake, VA chiropractic care

Studies show chiropractic can boost immunity, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. Start improving your health today.  


Back Pain Relief

back pain

If you suffer from back pain, we can help.


Neck Pain Relief

neck pain

Chiropractic can correct dysfunctions in the spine to relieve neck pain and disability.


Chiropractic for Children

chiropractic for children

Chiropractic can provide safe, natural relief for pediatric patients. We can help your child lead the healthy life they deserve.


Family Chiropractic Treatment in Chesapeake Virginia

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort that you can’t escape? Is misalignment of the back and neck taking away from your enjoyment of life and ruining your productivity at home and in the office? Traditional medicine seeks to treat symptoms rather than the root or cause of the pain.

Usually they are unable to fully remedy your pain while utilizing risky pharmaceuticals that oftentimes do more harm than good.

Block Family Chiropractic

What residents of Chesapeake, Virginia need is an effective, alternative, holistic approach that will improve quality of life from the innermost core of the patient. What is needed is the family chiropractic and back pain treatment of Dr. David N. Block. Dr. Block can implement neck pain treatment and chiropractic service to adjust the body and make for a comfortable, more aligned you.

One of the most personal aspects of Dr. Block's chiropractic service is the consultation. As a family chiropractor, Dr. Block is able to expertly consult with your entire family. The office staff can schedule appointments consecutively to ensure the most convenient timing possible. Each member of the family is afforded one-on-one chiropractic work with the area’s finest practitioners. If you’ve been experiencing pain due to poor posture or require injury rehabilitation, Dr. Block offers sciatic pain treatment along with a range of other chiropractic services in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Call the office of Dr. Block today to schedule an appointment with the friendly office staff. After a thorough, one on one consultation, Dr. Blocks service can provide amazing back pain treatment and raise you quality of life for long-term health. Call Dr. Block today at 436-5428 to find out how you can benefit as thousands of other have in Hampton Roads.


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