#City# natural carpal tunnel treatment#Name# sees a lot of {patients|people} {struggling|troubled} with carpal tunnel syndrome in our busy #City# chiropractic {office|practice}. While some people think that the {source|origin} of this wrist-related pain is muscular, it's {actually|really} a {condition|syndrome} that {stems|arises} from the nerves--and not just the nerves in your hands.

{Recent research|A recent study} {published|printed} in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy {assessed|evaluated} 71 women between the ages of 35 and 59 who were diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Upon {studying|investigating} the subjects' neck range of motion, the {researchers|authors|doctors} {found|discovered} that the {women|patients} had reduced cervical {flexibility|mobility} when compared to a healthy control group.

{Furthermore|In addition}, {it was|they} also {discovered|found|observed} that the {level|degree} of the women's reported carpal tunnel {pain|discomfort} was {connected|linked|related} to the lateral flexion of the cervical spine. {In other words|In short}, the less {mobility|flexibility|range of motion} in the neck, the {greater|higher} the level of pain.

This {research|study} is {extremely|very} important, as you {cannot|can't} {successfully|effectively} {treat|address|resolve} a {problem|condition} until you fully understand its {cause|source}. By {realizing|recognizing|understanding} that the root of carpal tunnel {issues|pain|symptoms} is in the neck, this means that {all-natural|natural} approaches {such as|like} chiropractic can often restore normal function, {eliminating|reducing} the need for risky {surgery|surgical procedures|operations}.

If you {have|are suffering from|suffer with} carpal tunnel pain, call our #City# {office|location} and ask how #Name# can help you get relief!

{Resources|Sources|References|Studies|Research Studies}

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