Chiropractic for our Military

Chiropractic services are part of the standard Medical Benefits Package available to all eligible Veterans. Similar to other specialties, access to VA chiropractic services is by referral from a VA primary care or specialty provider. Block Family Chiropractic is a preferred provider through the Veterans Administration. 

If you are qualified for medical treatment through the VA, Block Family Chiropractic can help you.

How to Apply for Chiropractic Care Through the VA

1. Contact the VA Hampton medical Center at (757) 722-9961 ext. 3235 or 4792 to get an appointment with a local Primary Care Provider through the VA, or by going to

2. After you've completed the appointment, your Primary Care will send a request to the VA for the to approve. 

3. Tell your Primary Care that Dr. David N. Block's office is an approved provider with the VA Community Care Network. Our address is: 1108 Madison Plaza, Chesapeake VA 23320  Ph: (757) 436-5428  Fax: (757) 436-5325

4. Feel free to contact the VA and your PC to get status updates and push the process along faster while you're waiting for the authorization to go through.

5. Once we receive the authorization, we will contact you to set up an appointment with one of our doctors.